Random Post: Be a simple kind of man
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    Guest bloggers wanted!

    If you’ve heard something that helped you change your life, write a short essay, and I’ll post it here on Godspeaksdaily.com

    Simple rules:

    1. No Biblical Quotes
    2. No sales messages
    3. Don’t worry about spelling and grammar. I’ll edit your essay so you look like a professional author without changing your message
    4. Try to include the original author of the quote if you know, but it’s not a requirement. Sometimes you can search for the quote with “” marks on Google and find the author.
    5. Include a short biography with a link to your website or blog

    You can send me you essay by email. Either include your essay within your email, or as a .TXT attachment.

    Send to salesATnalroo.com

    Change AT to @ in the email address above.


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