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    About GodSpeaksDaily.com

    While my father lay in a hospital bed, I read a book by Robert K. Tanenbaum called Absolute Rage. Reading the book distracted me from my feelings during the long nights sitting beside him watching and waiting, hoping he’d get better.

    The nights were harder because friends and family weren’t there. My step-mother Fran and I took turns sitting beside him while the machines beeped and sounded their alarms.

    Over the course of a few days my father’s condition deteriorated. When he was first admitted to the hospital he was just running a fever. Within a day he was mostly unaware of us around him. The second day was worse.

    My dad didn’t get better, and there was no third night sitting in the hospital room. After he died, we gathered at his home. I spent a few hours among my family and my dad’s friends, then I just wanted to be alone. I made sure Fran had someone there and went home.

    When I got home I couldn’t sleep, so I picked up the book again and started reading. A few minutes later, I found a saying I knew I had to add to my collection.

    You see, back when I was in high school, I started collecting interesting sayings.  Simple phrases and quotes I came across in my daily life. Later I started keeping them on index cards in a simple plastic box.

    I got an index card, and wrote the following saying down:

    “God speaks to everyone everyday,but only those who listen hear.”

    After writing those eleven simple words down, I opened the box of sayings.  Rather than just sticking the card in and closing the box, I started looking through the other cards.

    I started reading the words I’d collected over the years.

    I saw sayings I’d written down during moments of despair that gave me hope.

    I saw quotes I’d first heard when I was having problems interacting with the people around me that helped me improve my relationships.

    I saw words that inspired and helped me become a better person.

    I saw 30 years of my life. The hard times, and the good times. The transition from an insecure teenager to a self assured and self confident adult.

    Looking through the collection of quotes, I felt a tingle run up my spine as I realized for the past 30 years I had been writing down God’s messages to me.

    Since that night, I’ve learned to listen to God in everything I do. When I’m in situations that baffle me, I know to listen for advice.

    On GodSpeaksDaily.com, I’ll share the things I’ve heard with you. Sometimes I’ll explain the situations I was in and the effects the messages had on my life. Sometimes I’ll just give you the words and let you figure out how they apply in your life.

    I’ve set up the site so you can get messages from God by email, on Facebook, Twitter, and other internet social sites. God told me to build this site for you.


    PS. In the near future, I’ll add a way for you to send me messages from God to share with others here on GodSpeaksDaily.com

    PPS. If you think these simple messages from God will help your friends, go ahead and pass them on using the SHARE/Save button below each message. You friends will thank you.

    PPPS. Since I started this site, I’ve went from posting daily to posting a few times a month. You can browse the site by following the links on the right, or using the list of tags below, and are welcome to post comments on any of the articles.

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