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    Be A Taker Rather Than A Giver  

    Be a taker rather than a giver of status.

    For years I gave people status based on their outward appearances. I think this is common.

    Take, for example, blonde jokes. We tend to assign blonde women status based on their hair. We assume they’re not very smart.

    On the other hand, a dark haired woman is assumed to be smart – especially if she’s wearing glasses and professional attire. (Think librarian.)

    A good example of this is contrasting the roles of Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu in the Charlie’s Angel’s movies. It’s stereotyping.

    I used to give people status. Because I gave status away, I assumed people should give me status.

    I spent years learning not to give people status based on shallow observations. As I stopped giving away status I stopped looking to others for status.

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