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    Life is 10 percent what happens to you

    February 1st, 2011

    “Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you respond to it.”

    I have a 1969 Volkswagen convertible. It’s a lot of fun to drive and I love the attention. Everywhere I go people comment on the car, and I’ve met some nice people over the years because of the car.

    On Friday evening I was on my way home when a woman in a white truck turned left in front of me. I hit her. After the accident, I pulled into a gas station, and she took off. The police came out and took a report, then gave me a preprinted “Hit & Run Information Brochure.”

    I commented to the police officer that I was glad I added shoulder belts to the car rather than just the lap belts that were in it when I got it. I think the disc brakes I added also helped me avoid a more damaging accident.

    Because the woman drove off after the accident, I’m out up to my $750 deductible. I say “up to” because I don’t think it will cost more than $500 to fix the car. I bought all the parts I need except the bumper for $25. from a guy on Craigslist. All I need to do is find someone to prep and paint the fender and I can do the rest.

    I was talking with a neighbor who also has a VW convertible the day after the accident and he commented on my attitude. He said he’d would have expected me to be pissed off and bitching.

    To me bitching and complaining serves only to vent my frustrations. Recognizing complaining has no value really takes the value out of it. I’d rather spend my time on forward looking activities.

    There’s nothing I can do about the accident except fix my car and move on with my life. Sure I can, and do, look for a white Chevy truck with a blue dent in the rear while I’m out and about, but even that is a long shot.

    This quote is widely attributed to Woody Allen., but a search online shows Charles R. Swindoll as the originator.