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    Are You Living A Fear Based Life?  

    Fear of being alone keeps us in relationships we’ve outgrown.

    Fear of rejection cause us to avoid meeting new people, drive people away or walk away from people before they can reject us. Then we judge them harshly so we can avoid being honest with ourselves.

    Fear of responsibility leads us to keep jobs beneath our ability.

    Fear of censure leads us to not standing up for ourselves and causes us to associate with people who aren’t really worth our time.

    Fear of failure leads us to settle on lives that aren’t fulfilling.

    To avoid exposing our fears, we blame others for our miserable boring lives.

    Some of us avoid taking responsibility for our lives by giving “God” the role and then when we feel under-whelmed by our boring lives chalk it up to “God’s Will.”

    When we attempt to settle in relationships, jobs, and our future, we are choosing a fear based life. Settling means choosing a fear based life.

    The only way to overcome these fears is to walk through them. Define who we want to be and what kind of people we want in our lives and the walk through the fear to create the lives we want.

    To create the lives we desire and deserve.

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