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    Expectations are usually met  

    “Expectations are usually met.
    If you expect success, you get it.
    If you expect failure, you get it.”

    This is another statement about setting goals and aiming for the brass ring.

    I tend to fall into something I call preemptive resentments. I’ll look at a situation and I expect people to argue with me, rather than being easygoing. I expect problems and conflicts in my life.

    When I was running around expecting problems and conflicts in my life, guess what I had in my life?

    Problems and conflicts.

    Today, I expect to have wonderful people in my life and very little conflict. So I have wonderful people and very little conflict.

    I expect to be successful and have my endeavors succeed. So I have success.

    I also know that I will fail. Not that I expect it. I’ve never done anything expecting to fail. But I know some things aren’t going to work the way that I planned, but I expected to learn from them.

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