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    Before you can walk a mile in another mans shoes  

    “Before you can walk a mile in another man’s shoes, you must first take your shoes off.”

    This statement reminds me that I need to step outside of myself to understand people. It also reminds me, when I’m talking to people, that everything they say is going to be based on the way they see the world.

    Many times, people’s opinions are not valid. They see things through their perspective and taint them with their own biases.

    Said simply. . .

    “We only see the world through our own eyes.”

    I really like this saying because it reminds me to see each person as an individual.

    This also means I should ignore some advice given by others, because they’re not qualified to comment on certain areas of my life.

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    1. faceless says:

      I got to this blog from Facebook (someone posted it). After reading, I clicked “Like” and shared it myself. More power.

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