Random Post: If you choose not to decide
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    It is all good  

    “It’s all good; if it’s not, it’s water under the bridge.”

    This was one of my grandmother’s favorite sayings. My nana was always a happy positive person. When I first heard her say this, as a teenager, I thought, “That’s terrible.” As a resentful person, this is not a saying I would agree with.

    Beyond disagreeing with the statement because of my resentful nature, I also denied it because I felt I was too smart.

    The truth is this statement has nothing to do with intelligence. I was just using my perceived superior intelligence as a way to refuse to hear the lesson within this saying.

    When I got older and more mature, I realized the true power of this saying. It is about personal empowerment.

    As I started to let go of my resentments and started to move on with my life when something that wasn’t good came along, I had an enormous growth in productivity in my life because I wasn’t living and reliving these past moments. I was moving forward and doing other things.

    I was finding freedom.

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