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    We all need a mother  

    “We all need a mother now and then.”

    Think back to when we were kids. We would go out and inevitably skin our knees. Then we would run to our mother and she would clean us up, kiss our wounds and gently place a band-aid over them. A short time later, we would be out running around, and the incident would be forgotten.

    As we get older, there is no one there to kiss our knees and put a band-aid on them. So we end up complaining and whining for days.

    Having people around us who can brush us off, help us to our feet, and give us a few words of encouragement makes our lives easier.

    There’s a responsibility here. We take care of ourselves and allow the people around us to love us. We don’t let ourselves go and then expect others to make up the slack.

    I’ve been irresponsible during my life. I’ve expected others to care for me when I didn’t, only to have them leave me. While I blamed them for leaving, the truth is I drove them away.

    After I passed through my “needy” period, I refused to be needy in any situation. I either whined and complained, or held everything in depending on how I felt at the moment. Some people thought I was the strong quiet person, others thought I was an irritating whiner. Most saw both sides.

    Few people wanted to be close to either version of me. Given the choice between an emotionally unavailable intellectual or a dumping drama queen, most people just chose to exit my life.

    Today I am neither of those people. I am open with my feelings in an honest manner. I don’t force others to recognize or accommodate my feelings, instead I live my life and people decide to be with me. Because they’ve decided to be a part of my life, they get to share the good times, and encourage me during the lulls.

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